Bhavan Suri
Analyst at William Blair
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Amazon.com, Inc. Comprehensive Pricing Survey Underscores the Value of Prime
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Slack's inroads into retail and healthcare could save it from being squashed by Microsoft's rival workplace chat app (WORK)
Slack is showing promising growth prospects in industries like retail, media, healthcare and financial services this year, argue analysts at equity research firm William Blair and Co. These prospects suggest that the competition from Microsoft's rival Teams c…
Published: Jan 16 2020
Analysts: These 3 Under-the-Radar IPO Stocks Are Ready to Bounce
2019 will be remembered for rounding out a decade of sustained stock market growth. What else will the year be remembered for? The IPO boom. During the course of the year, a stampede of ‘unicorns’ made their public market debut. Since then, things have gone o…
Published: Jan 8 2020
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